Any filmmaker can send his Screener (Films, Scripts, Trailers and Press Kits). All foreign language works must be dubbed or have English subtitles. One work can be submitted only to one category.


SUBMIT your Film to all our Festival locations now.
World International Film Festival locations.
SUBMIT you Film to all locations by the price of One. Film Materials: Trailer, Press Kit, Screener please send through our new Film Festival Submission Platform.  

Questions - Is it right that once selected, a film will be screened at the same time in London, New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne? And will the judges be the same then? Are the festivals in the above mentioned cities connected in their selection, content and jury procedure? So, if we send a film to one of the festivals, it automatically takes part in the others right? 

Answer - Yes, to all questions.  
Question - How many films can be submitted by a filmmaker?  
Answer -  Any quantity. 
Question - if I don't want to be submited to all Festivals, can I be submited to only one?
Answer - Yes.
Question: If have made the payment through, and got no refund back from them, do I have to pay for my submission again?
Answer: - No, you don't have to pay twice.
Question: if my submission on to your festivals was free, will I have to make payment.
Answer: - No, your submission will be free as well.